The company Parkyard Asset Advisory GmbH was founded by experienced professionals in 2013. It offers national and international clients comprehensive advisory services for the real estate and entrepreneurial investment asset classes.

We also offer experienced management capacities as needed and also take on consulting orders in the area of restructuring.

We also offer advisory management services for professional private and institutional clients as a ‘real estate’ family office. We locate attractive investments, oversee their implementation and also subsequently monitor if need be. Private Banks tend to use our services as a cooperation partner, especially in the real estate business.

We value a balanced risk to yield ratio and make sure that the allocation fully corresponds to our client’s overall situation.
We focus on both structural and financial optimization of real estate portfolios. The actions we recommend are of a strategic nature and are as such characterized by a sustainable approach.

In the corporate investment area, we concentrate, among other things, on overseeing the acquisition and/or sale of companies with active operations. We assist our clients with the acquisition of corresponding opportunities.

We advise our international clients as they enter and expand in our respective market.